Unique Landscaping, Entertainment, Building, Renovation, Design, and Constructing by Greg since 1973.


Landscapes with all types of building works, designed to achieve the best results of enhancing the home and property. New & recycled materials used to get the best results.


Areas of Focus

Entertainment Areas.

Decks, covered or not.

Bifold or sliding from the house to adjoining areas.

Retaining walls made from various materials.

Sculptures & mosaics, either dry or water filled.

Free form pieces.

Steel art.



Materials Used

Various types and shapes of rock.

Recycled, rustic, and/or new timbers.

Natural or galvanised Steel.

Render and render finishes.

Timber finishes, such as oils, stains, etc.




Hard Surface Finishes

Exposed aggregate with hand laid rocks and pebbles.

Tiles & Bricks.

Sleeper timber.

And most others.




An ever growing selection of my work, click the image below.

Contact Greg

For any further enquires, please dial:

0412 865 333